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Being a full-service jeweler, we do all of the standard jewelry and watch repairs.  We also provide more unusual services such as delicate work on antiques, and the re-cutting or re-faceting of chipped, broken, or time-worn diamonds and gemstones.


Standard Jewelry Repairs
• Soldering Breaks
• Sizing of Rings
• Setting Diamonds and Gems
• Clasp replacement or repair
• Tightening loose stones
• Re-tipping prongs
• Replacing of worn out settings or baskets (called "heads)
• Engraving
• Stringing or re-stringing of pearls and beads
• Rhodium (or "white") plating
• Add sizing/stabilizing balls inside ring shanks
• Replace worn shanks on rings


Standard Watch Repairs: ​
(We repair from  inexpensive to high-end prestige watches)
• Replacing of quartz watch batteries
• Size watch bands or bracelets
• Cleaning and overhauling watch movements
• Replacement of lost or broken pins
• Replacement of chipped, broken, or scratched crystals
• Polishing steel bracelets and cases
• Tank testing of Water-Sealed Watches



We offer all of the following appraisal and assessment services described below.  Please call us for process details.



The purpose of an insurance appraisal is to put a realistic dollar value and accurate description on an item of jewelry.  This way one can get insurance coverage against loss or theft.   


These are used for settling the distribution of an inheritance, and also to help limit exposure to inheritance taxes.


In the event of an unrealistic valuation claim, an objective assessment can help to minimize disputes involving divorce settlements.


Before a buyer commits to a purchase that they are uncertain is priced fairly, we can be consulted as to that item’s true market value.


Handling an estate? Bring in your inherited items for an assessment. We'll happily sort through jewelry, coins and more to assess which items are real, worth keeping, selling, or donating.

Did you know we buy? Find out more.


custom design.

Do you desire to have an active part in creating an engagement ring or piece of jewelry that you can truly call “your own”?  In our store’s Design Studio we can offer you almost infinite possibilities.

A design can be created and examined from any angle on our large-screen wall monitor. Our computer can even show you what it will look like completely finished and on your hand!

After a design is approved, we next cast it in gold or platinum.  We then set the stones to finish your one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art!

In re-creating antique or vintage pieces, we step away from the design computer and employ Old World jewelry making methods.  We hand-cut waxes, lost-wax cast, and hand-engrave. As a result, our re-creations are almost indistinguishable from real vintage jewelry.


While we showcase many of our designs on this webpage, we have a portfolio “Look Book” of many of our other creations.  Please feel free to ask to see it when you visit us, or view our online design gallery for a sampling.

Custom Design

we buy.

For those looking to sell, we offer top dollar in a pressure-free and respectful environment.  

With over 30 years experience in jewelry buying, we absolutely understand the delicate nature of selling the sentimental artifacts of one’s life.

What We Buy

Diamonds, of pretty much any shape, size, quantity, or quality.

Gold, Platinum, and Silver.  Whether in jewelry, bullion, coins, tableware or otherwise, and in any condition.

Prestige Watches  These are watches whose original retail prices range from $1000 and up.  Rolex, Patek, and Breitling are three examples.  These are often worth more with their original box and papers.

We Buy
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