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Researching something you are about to buy is always a smart thing.  Unlike just a few years ago, there’s now a tremendous amount of information on diamonds available to anyone on the web.    

One point we always make, is that diamonds are one of those things that just can’t be truly qualified by numbers and letters on a report.  These things do help, but consider that each diamond was cut out of it’s own unique piece of rough. Take 10 diamonds of the same size, color, and clarity: if you were to line them all up together, you would be surprised by how different they all appear.

It’s like shopping for a TV.   You read all the available info out there, and think you know EXACTLY what you want based on what you’ve read.   Then you walk into a Costco or Best Buy and actually SEE the difference in the TV’s ….

After more than 30 years in the field, we know a few things about how to buy a diamond that the Internet doesn’t.   

The first thing we do with every potential buyer is to sit down and share that knowledge.  This takes a little time, but all we can say is this: please read the reviews from people who have actually bought their diamonds here.  The reviews say it all.

While we carry a large selection of GIA graded diamonds, we know that many times the stone that we own (and of course have the most interest in selling), might not be the best one for you.   We are constantly hunting the immense inventories of our diamond importers. This way we know for certain that we are offering the most exceptional diamonds that we can find for each and every one of our clients.

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