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Thanks to the Internet, these days most engagement ring shoppers come in with a pretty good idea of what their future fiancé wants.  While we showcase a few hundred really beautiful Engagement and Wedding Ring designs, we are very often presented with a request for something “new and out of the blue.”   


This is where we shine!  


We can recreate something exactly from just an image or two.   More often than not we tweak that design to fit a client’s specifications. Because we control the process ourselves, we can recreate the item for less (and sometimes substantially less) than the original had cost. For us, this is the funnest part of being a jeweler! We also work with some really great ring manufacturers.  Here is one of our favorites S. KASHI. They have a huge range of cutting-edge styles.

While there is a tremendous amount of info on diamonds on the web these days, we’ve always preferred the hands-on teaching approach for our diamond customers.  To read something, and to see and touch it physically are two completely different experiences.  We will teach you what you need to know in order to compare our diamonds against diamonds being offered by others.  In this way, you can make an educated and confident decision. 


Having worked in the Diamond District in New York and the Diamond Bourse in Israel, our depth of experience in the field of diamonds sets us apart from your average diamond source.  We may be a small store, but our connections are World-wide.



At any given time we have over a hundred engagement ring designs on display, all of which can be tailored to your tastes.   We also carry the designs of several great jewelry manufacturers.

The guys at Boston Louis made what could've been an overwhelming process, simple, easy and informative. She loves the ring!
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While we stock a huge selection of engagement ring styles, many people come to us to create something new and unique for them.  We do the actual design and creation ourselves.  Bring us a picture of something you love and we will recreate it or tailor it to your tastes!

There is something to be said about dealing with a Brick and Mortar business that has a long and trusted history.   You can’t go physically on-line to deal face to face with an expert.  Also life happens.  Should a problem arise down the road, its comforting to know you will be able to take care of it quickly and easily.  

A major problem with buying a diamond sight-unseen, is that there is a whole list of things you can’t tell about that diamond from a written description of it.   The websites sure aren’t going to point those things out to you.   Diamonds are not a universal item like a specific model Movado watch, so there are big differences even in like-sized and graded stones.  

We’ve found through in-depth analysis that many of those on-line diamond deals are anything but.  Frankly our prices are less expensive than those sites.    Bring us what you’ve seen and let us prove it to you!


Regardless of our depth of experience in the diamond industry, we’re local people.   We care about and want to be proud of every single piece of jewelry that goes out our door.

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