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Boston Louis was started in the mid 1980’s by Ken Boston (that’s me on the left) and Louis Mazzo, known by everyone as “Buddy”. We met when we were both kids in Boy Scouts troop 170 in Lincoln Park, NJ.  The truth is we actually met inside a latrine while at a scout camp, but who needs to know that? :)   

Moving forward about 10 years . . . While in college I was also working in the Diamond District in NYC. There’s a long and funny story how I, an Irish kid in a family without any jewelry at all ended up in the jewelry biz, but you’ll have to ask me about that some other time.   

One day I ran into Buddy who was studying in college as well.  In a strange coincidence, Buddy mentioned he just so happened to ALSO be working with his grandfather in their family's jewelry making factory… 

Discovering that we shared a common love of jewelry making, Buddy said to me: “Hey, we should do something together!”  I agreed, and we threw exactly $100 each into a hat (figuratively speaking). Armed with $200, we set off and accidentally created a company that is now more than 30 years old. 

We have both spent nearly a lifetime in the jewelry business, had extensive training through the Gemological Institute of America, and eventually took over Buddy’s family jewelry factory. I think at this point we can say without conceit that we are truly experts in the fields of diamonds, jewelry design and manufacturing.



  • We have always been first and foremost, straight shooters.  

  • Since we are all local people, we have a strong and direct responsibility to our customers who are OUR community.

  • As actual “jewelers”, we always strive to do great work.  But because we are in a downtown location, we have never paid the crazy overhead that stores in big plazas or malls pay.  As a consequence, our prices have always been exceptionally fair.

  • Let’s face it: there is a blizzard of places that one can buy jewelry today.    One of the things that sets us apart, is that our company’s foundation was laid on four generations of actually running a jewelry manufacturing factory, founded by Buddy’s Great-Grandfather over 100 years ago.

  • We don’t sell you warranties for things that any decent jeweler will do for free.   Mall jewelry store “warrantees” expect you to come in every six months for “checking,” or your paid warranty is invalid.   This is really just an underhanded excuse to get you into their store every six months in order to sell you something else.  Even if you didn’t buy your ring from us (or any other piece of jewelry), you can come in anytime you like to get it cleaned and your prongs checked FREE.

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